Tips on Finding Your Wedding Photographer

    Our style is very photo-journalistic, capturing moments and emotions rather than posing people. We feel too much posing results in strained and stiff looking photos which don't do the day much justice. This allows you to focus on each other rather than us, resulting in more natural looking photos. 

    There are a few points which are really crucial in your search for your wedding photographer.  There are the obvious ones, i.e. Quality, pricing and style, but in order to compare apples with apples ask every photographer you contact the following 7 questions. This will give you a true comparison!

    1. How long have they been in the industry? – We have been doing weddings full time for 12 years.

    2. How many photographers will I have on the day? - We are TWO photographers to allow alternative angles.

    3. What kind of equipment do they use? Commercial quality SLR or mirrorless cameras? - We use Canon pro equipment ensuring high quality imagery.

    4. Do you have backup equipment? Cameras are just pieces of technology and they DO malfunction, so make sure there is a decent quality spare one close by, as to not miss that crucial moment!! - We have 3 PRO SLR cameras & 10 lenses in our kit, including LOADS of batteries & memory cards!

    5. Approximately how many photos will I get of my wedding? Depending on the amount of hours booked it could be anything from 300 – 600 photos.

    6. Do you back up my images?  We shoot to 2 cards simultaniously on the day for safety.  We also back up your images to 3 separate secure locations.

    7. How long after the wedding will I receive my photos? I'm afraid I've heard some horror stories here! Couples often only getting their images 6 MONTHS after the wedding!  We will deliver your usb no later than 4 weeks after your wedding day :)